Under the current government legislation we are legally obligated to continue to pursue all non-payment of rent as per normal procedure to protect our landlords, tenants and also ourselves.

If your income is affected by COVID-19 You should make enquiries regarding universal credit and note that any underpayment of rent will remain outstanding on your account as normal. We would recommend that you pay as much as possible during this time.

Find available financial support here:

Your Landlord is still liable for mortgage payments. We sincerely do understand your situation and you are not alone however please also recognise that your landlord has their own financial obligations and is still liable for mortgage payments and other expenses.

FAQ- Mortgage Freezees Explained. Sadly, the way the news portrays the information around mortgage freezes is not correct. Whilst mortgage companies are offering landlords mortgage holidays, they are still liable to pay their interest and the debt remains payable over the remaining months. Many lenders will have different terms and conditions to their mortgage product whereby this isn't available. Furthermore, interest continues to build up on the payment holiday and will be added to the mortgage subsequently increasing the monthly payments after the freeze has ended.

Supporting Tenants and Landlords. If your Landlord defaults on their mortgage their property could be repossessed by their mortgage provider, who would likely evict you in order to sell it as vacant possession. It is vital you communicate openly with us if you encounter any difficulties during this time so we can ensure we offer the right support and guidance to both tenants and landlords.

If you need to make alternate rent arrangements please contact us as soon as possible. Please be aware proof will be required as to why you are unable to pay your rent. This is a requirement from all financial providers for any COVID-19 related payment holidays.

The above advice is based on the current government legislation and guidance. It is important that we be very clear on this situation to protect your tenancies. 

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Please keep safe and continue communicating with us regarding your financial position.


The AJ Team


Please note this is a guideline only and was correct at the time of publishing. Tenants should seek their own, up to date independent advice.