When buying a new property, especially if it requires some updating, the bathroom is often one of the most expensive rooms to renovate/modernise. In fact, a modern kitchen and bathroom adds value to a homes asking price, so if you have a limited budget purchasing a home that requires updating in these areas can save you £££ upfront, and you can save up to change them further down the line- a popular tactic for first time buyers! Likewise if you are selling a home perhaps you want to update your bathroom to add value to your home, but the value added with rarely be more than the cost of the bathroom fitting itself.

Whichever your situation, our 20 top tips will help you get a (almost) brand new bathroom on a budget.


1. Peel and Stick Tiles

Hold off on the expensive brand new set of tiles! Peel and stick tiles, or even sheets can be easily installed, best as splashbacks to brighten up your sink, or even to stick to the side of your bath panels for a luxury effect. This is a great tip if your bathroom suite is past it’s best- the tiles will brighten it up and make your bath a feature. They are also great for framing bathroom mirrors for another stand out feature. 

Price- From £20 per pack

2. Repaint the Walls

Obvious but essential! Use a good semi-gloss paint that will withstand humidity and freshen up your old bathroom. Using a bright neutral colour can open up a small bathroom or you could be brave and choose a colour that fits with your chosen theme.

TOP TIP: Check out the sales, we have seen 2.5l pots for just £5 in the B&Q sale!

3. Update Your Flooring

Again there is no need to break the bank with the range of waterproof vinyl flooring available these days. Our favourite styles include plain marble tile effect or to really jazz up and take the attention away from a faded suite, choose vibrant Victorian tile style. Your bathroom will instantly be modernised and on-trend.

From £20 per square metre

4. Install a Towel Rail

Whether you don’t have one or yours is old, rusting or plastic, a shiny new towel rail will instantly add a clean and modern touch to your bathroom. Simple chrome is great and can be purchased from just £40 if you check out the sales, or if you can afford it and it suits your chosen style go for a copper or gold rail for an unusual effect.

From £40 -£120

5. Get or Upgrade Your Vanity Unit

A nice vanity unit adds an extra design feature to your bathroom and means you can tidy away any clutter to keep the overall look fresh and clean. If you have limited space choose a model that fits around your sink. If you have a unit that is a little tired, have a walk round your local DIY stores and pick up some sample paint pots from as little as 10p per pot- a few of these should be enough to give your unit a fresh lick of paint.

Units From £30, Paint less than £5

6. Install a Feature Shelf

Bathroom walls can be pretty boring and is there no reason not to decorate them as you would other rooms of the home. Add a shelf and use as an accessory rather than storage, decorated with candles, nice toiletries or plants as you prefer.

From £10

7. Invest in a Bigger Mirror

Particularly if you have a bathroom on the smaller side, a large mirror is not only modern but will make the room look a lot bigger.

 From £30

8. Replace/Add A Bathroom Blind

A cheap and simple way to add a splash of colour or pattern, and handy to limit the light for those who like to have a nice relaxing bath in a darkened room.

From £10

9. Freshen Up Your Grout

Dirty grout screams old and tired and can bring down even the nicest of tiles. Replace your grout and don’t be afraid to use a coloured grout, for example grey or black can make lighter colour tiles really stand out (and will look better for longer than white!). Even glitter grout exists in 2019!

From £10

10. LED Lights

Stick on LED strip lights can be added everywhere from below the window sill, around your mirror, around the bases of the walls or the base of your bath for a really modern look. Make sure you choose the waterproof variety.

From £15 for a set

11. Add A Waterfall/Rain Style Shower Head

To change your shower from out of date to up to date simply add a new shower head for that luxury feel.

From £15

12. Replace Your Taps

Even if your suite is on the older side, shiny new taps will update and refresh the look of your sink and bath.

From £20 each

13. Get A Bath Caddy

Channel your inner interior designer in the easiest way by getting a bath caddy and simply adding some bubble bath or bath salts and maybe a candle for a look straight out of the next Home catalogue. Again it will also modernise the look of your bathroom suite.

From £10

14. Upgrade Your Bathmats

Bathmats get tired and worn pretty quickly through their use, so make sure you purchase a fresh matching set. Depending on your chosen colours for your bathroom update, a bright set can bring some colour to the room or alternatively go for wood if your new bathroom has a natural feel.

From £10

15. Invest in Display Towels

An old set will spoil your overlook look. Choose a set of 2 or 3 towels that go well with the rest of your décor, mismatching the colours patterns is modern an up to date or if you feel you have enough features go for variations of your main colour scheme. Just don’t match them to the colour of the wall.

From £20

16. Add some Greenery

Proven to boost mood, reduce stress and have an overall calming effect plants are the perfect addition to a modern bathroom as they both look AND feel great. Pop a hanging ivy on your feature shelf add a modern feel or dot around some big leaves such as a cheese plant. For a really modern look stick to leaves rather than flowers in neutral pots of white or metal.

You can get a selection of fake plants for £10

 17. Add Some Art

Brighten up plain walls with a few strategically placed pieces – if you have a large wall with no much going on, or above the WC. If you don’t want to splash out on prints find some old frames and paint them to match with your sample paint pots and frame newspaper clippings - great if you have a monochrome look- or leftover wallpaper samples.

£0-£10 depending what you already have at home

18. Get Some Candles

Bathrooms whilst functional are also a place of relaxation, and no bathroom is complete without a few candles. If you have space you could strategically place lanterns with a selection inside, perhaps  surrounded by pebbles, or arrange a few of different heights in the corners of your bath. For a longer lasting/safe effect if you have little ones realistic, flickering fake candles are available.

From £5 for a set of 3

19. Plan Your Bathroom Storage

Toileteries and cleaning products can make your bathroom appear cluttered. Smart storage options such as thin boxes that slot down the side of your WC, shower shelves and or even just baskets can help tidy up your products.

Prices Vary

20. Jazz up the essentials.

Choose a matching bathroom set such as soap dish, refillable hand wash and toothpaste holder that fits with your theme or colour scheme to smarten up your overall look.

Sets from £5


Just a few of these options will result in a total makeover (we don’t recommend doing every single one!) that will make your home more saleable, or modernise it until you can afford to fit a brand new dream bathroom design. Some of the best places to look for great deals include B&Q, eBay, Amazon and Ikea, and always make sure to check the sale items. Have fun!