Free Virtual Days Out

Educational AND fun ways to entertain the whole family. Perhaps you have been saving for a trip to the zoo or the theatre? With the links below you can do anything from attending the opera to walking around the Louvre in Paris, for free, from your living room.

A Day Out at the Zoo- 13 Zoos that offer live streamHERE

Visit The Museum- take a virtual tour around the Louvre Paris and more HERE

Take a Trip to the Theatre-  Watch beloved classic 'Wind in the Willows' on stage PLUS download the original novel and activities, perfect to introduce the kids to musical theatre!

Opera and Theatre- For a full updated list of what's available keep an eye on


Activities for Kids- PLUS Keep an Eye on our Facebook Page for our 'Activities of the Day'! 

When it's only 11am and you have already gone through every fun activity you can think of indoors, head back here to our activity list! It is difficult to keep kids entertained inside so we are posting an activity of the day daily on our Facebook Account, plus the links below will take you to numerous websites that have great ideas for activities using everyday household items (no need to raid Hobbycraft!).

Need Supplies? Local business The Creation Station Southport are offering delivery of Activity Packs- VISIT PAGE

35 Activities Using Everyday Household Items- Work On Colours, Counting and Fine Motor Skills in fun, colourful ways! HERE

For Toddlers- 12 Playtime Activities

Chores- It may not be our first idea of fun, but now is a great time to introduce the kids to activities such as washing up, washing and hanging clothes, dusting and sweeping! They will love the responsibility and routine.

Role-playing- Grab some food items, books or stuffed animals and role-play different workplaces! You don't need anything special to do this. If you are creating a supermarket encourage your kids to create signage, decide how to arrange items by food groups and explain why they think different things go together. You can also exchange money to incorporate Mathematics and ask them some questions to encourage improvisation and communication. A fun educational activity.

Science-based Fun Using Household Items - 63 Easy Science Experiments

 Colour by numbers! Let them choose the picture they want to colour and print it off at…/math-coloring-pages/


Learning for Kids- Our Top FREE Sites:

 We have rounded up some free resources to help us all keep our kids in a learning routine and as interested and motivated as possible.

Learn British Sign Language for FREE- Now is a great time to take part in some extra-curricular activities not currently offered as part of the school curriculum. BSL is a fantastic skill that will serve your kids well for years to come, plus you can follow along too! CLICK HERE

Watch, listen and play games to learn about amazing animals at Switcheroozoo

Learn all about geography and the animals that live in different places at National Geographic

Go 'into the book' to practice reading at Intothebook

Read and play games with Dr Seuss in Seussville

Practice maths and ready skills at ABC YA

Practice phonics at Phonicsplay (Username: march20 password: home)

Download home learning packs for early years from Scholastic

Twinkl worksheets, powerpoint and games (CODE: UKTWINKLHELPS) HERE


Free Health and Fitness

With limited activity it is really important we find ways to keep moving indoors for both our physical and mental health, These fabulous free resources provide fun ways to keep the kids active without going outside.

NHS Change for life activities. to get the kids moving- HERE 

Cosmic Yoga- Yoga videos for kids aged 3+ HERE 

GoNoodle- 100s of FREE 'brainercise' dancing, strength and mindfullness videos via youtube HERE

Joe Wicks PE lesson to start the day off with a bang at 9am everyday!