Top Seven questions  to ask at a Sales Valuation:

Make sense of the small print and ensure you understand exactly what you’re getting!

1. Do all fees quoted include VAT? (A. according to trading standards, they should and B. who wants to mess around with a calculator and multiple quotes?!)

2. What does the fee include? (Very often it is the bare minimum.)

3. Are there any extra charges, for example for a spot in the local newspaper, a premium listing on Rightmove, or professional floorplan?

4. Is there a minimum term? (Many agents will tie you in for a minimum period of three months before you can change agents)

5. Is there a withdrawal fee? (Many agents regardless of minimum term will charge you to leave)

6. Does the fee include progression from Sale to Completion? (This is no longer considered part of usual service, yet it is invaluable as statistically 1 in 3 sales fall through and a proactive agent or better, dedicated Sales Progressor can prevent this from happening by tackling any issues in a timely manner and mediating between parties)

7. Are they a regulated agent? (A regulated agent voluntarily subscribes to external monitoring of both their service and compliance with trading standards by associations such as the NAEA and The Property Ombudsman which protects you.)

Don’t pick an agent to put your property up for Sale, pick an agent to SELL it.