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You're very excited to have a sale agreed on your property and it's now time to start thinking seriously about moving... Choosing your potential moving date, chasing Solicitors, arranging removals, at this point we know from experience the process can get a little overwhelming! The AJ Team have put together a checklist to help you get your ducks in a row and take control of the process.

  • Instruct your chosen solicitor and let them know that a Sale has been agreed.
  • Start thinking about a realistic date when you would like to move. 
  • Alert companies to your change of address (A great idea is to check your bank statement and see all the companies who you pay direct debits to and may have an account with, not only utilities but car insurance, the DVLA, your gym, even your store cards and loyalty accounts. Don’t forget your council tax and your internet provider too!)
  • Arrange a removal company. Book this for the date of your move as soon as you know your completion date. We have some great removals companies we can advise on – feel free to call us for a recommendation!
  • Start collecting boxes, labels, tape, newspaper and bubble wrap!  Pack methodically per room and label each box.

  On the day of the move

  • Don’t forget your meter readings so you only get charged the right amount. 
  • Keep cleaning products in a separate box with you in the car or van so you can clean straight away if needed. 
  • Call any utility companies if you have new providers. 
  • Unpack the kettle and radio/tv first, make yourself a cup of tea, and then make your bed so when the sleepiness hits you after a long day, your bed is waiting!


 Happy Moving!


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